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Whistle Stop Corner building - 1930's



Our Whistle Stop Corner adventure began on August 2, 2011, the day we found her. There are three buildings- a 100-year-old main building which had been a turn-of-the-century grocery store on the first floor, with the home of the grocer behind, and three apartments on the floor above; a 75-year-old apartment building with three apartments on the top floor and eight garages and laundry room below; and a small two-room, one-story cottage between the two large buildings. All three buildings had been boarded up for years. Were we scared of all the work ahead? Nah! With the enthusiasm of wide-eyed, naive visionaries, we became her proud owners on February 2nd, 2012, and remodeling began.

And our vision has been made reality: Our art studio in the 1450 sf space that had been a turn-of-the-century grocery store in the first floor of the main building. When we’re not using the studio strictly for ourselves, we share it by offering occasional art workshops. We were very, VERY happy to have hosted Carol Marine's painting workshop in November 2014. Future workshops are in the works: Please check our Workshops page.

We created a Guesthouse for up to seven people in what had been the grocer's home behind the store. The vintage atmosphere and the comfortable, homey feeling is just what we hoped to create for our guests. The Cottage for one to two people... and is just flat out adorable!

We've remodeled the apartment building and are so proud of the three apartments. The residents seem quite happy.
Whistle Stop Corner is in the Historical District of Dignowity Hill, adjacent to and just east of downtown San Antonio. We find ourselves part of a revival of the area happening right now. We've joined the very active neighborhood association and have met many enthusiastic people all working to make our corner of San Antonio a beautiful place to live and play.

A micro-brewery has just opened two blocks from us and its restaurant is planned to open only a block from Whistle Stop Corner. Also a block away is the Hays Street Bridge for pedestrians and bicyclists that goes up and over the railroad tracks two blocks from us and connects us with downtown. We're very close to the Riverwalk, the San Antonio Museum of Art, Sunset Station, the Alamo and the Pearl- a wonderful new area with great shopping and restaurants.


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